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vesicle n : a small anatomically normal sac or bladderlike structure (especially one containing fluid) [syn: cyst]

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  • /ˈvɛsɪkl/, /"vEsIkl/
  • Hyphenation: ves·icle


  1. A membrane-bound compartment found in a cell.
  2. A small bladder-like cell or cavity.
  3. A small sac or cyst or vacuole, especially one containing fluid. A blister formed in or beneath the skin, containing serum. A bleb.
  4. A pocket of embryonic tissue that is the beginning of an organ.
  5. A small cavity formed in volcanic rock by entrapment of a gas bubble during solidification.


cytology: membrane-bound compartment
small bladderlike cell or cavity
anatomy: small sac or cyst
anatomy: pocket of embryonic tissue
geology: small cavity

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